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Yemaya Prayer Candle

Yemaya Prayer Candle

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Dive into the mystical depths of the divine with our enchanting Yemaya Prayer Candle! Unveil the secrets of the Ocean Mother Goddess, Yemaya (Yemọja), as she reigns as one of the most potent and nurturing Orishas. This candle embodies the essence of the Queen Mermaid, ruling over the moon, water, seas, fertility, abundance, motherhood, love, magick, healing, and the mysterious realm of women.

Yemaya is the source of all life, and her waters are believed to be the cradle of existence. This prayer candle is a portal to the magickal sea, connecting you to the powerful energies she governs. As a symbol of divine femininity, Yemaya is deeply intertwined with the lives of women, children, practitioners of the occult, and beyond.

Immerse yourself in the sacred ritual of honoring Yemaya with our meticulously crafted candle. Infused with carefully selected herbs and oils, each candle is a vessel of spiritual energy and intention. As you ignite the flame, feel the mystical aura envelop you, paving the way for your connection with Yemaya's benevolent presence.

Easy to use and thoughtfully designed, the Yemaya Prayer Candle allows you to tap into the profound energies associated with this revered deity. Whether you are seeking fertility, protection, love, or healing, let the candle be your guide on this spiritual journey.

This divine candle is fixed with potent herbs and oils, prayed over with specific intentions to honor Yemaya. For added versatility, a white candle may be substituted. Burn bright for up to 80 hours, creating a sacred ambiance in your space.

Embrace the mystical allure of Yemaya with our Yemaya Prayer Candle—a captivating addition to your spiritual journey. Sold as a curio, it beckons you to unlock the wonders of the deep, where the ocean goddess weaves her magickal tapestry. Illuminate your path with the radiant glow of Yemaya's blessings!Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the recyclable packaging. Please join us in caring for the Earth by recycling the packaging after use (♻️).

Versatile Reuse: Beyond its primary purpose, the candle glass transforms into a vessel for creativity. Once the original wax has burned down, repurpose the glass as a vase for flowers, a container spell on your altar, or refill it with wax for continued use. The possibilities are endless for the creative magickal practitioner.

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