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Papa Legba Altar On The Go

Papa Legba Altar On The Go

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Known by many names (Eleguá, Eleggua, St. Peter, St. Anthony)  in many African Spiritual Belief, Papa Legba is the most important Lwa as he is the first one called and the last one dismissed during ritual as he serves as the intermediary between the lwa and humanity, and the one who grants or denies you permission to speak to the lwa. King and gatekeeper to the crossroads, he can help you in many different matters including financial, healing, road opening, and protection.

Nominated for 2024 Outstanding Product of the Year Witchcraft & Occult Media Awards!

The Papa Legba Altar On The Go comes complete with:
•    Candle, Incense, Altar Cloth, Offering Cup, Plate, Fork, and much more.
•    Contained in a painter pail
•    Great for a small temporary altar, for the military, and traveler
•    With additional room for you to add your own items
•    Height: 5.5" inches, Width: 6" inches

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