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Ultimate Brigid Set

Ultimate Brigid Set

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Presenting the Ultimate Brigid Set, a tribute to the Celtic Triple Goddess of inspiration, passion, and creativity, who has endured and flourished across time. The people’s unwavering devotion compelled the Church to declare her a saint. Brigid, also known as Bride, St. Brigid, and transformed into Maman Brigitte, embodies the essence of inspiration, fire, metalwork, healing, transformation, and more.

Illuminate this candle to deepen your connection.
• Handcrafted individually for a unique touch
• Each candle boasts a distinct coloring, reflecting Brigid’s preference
• Infused with select oils and herbs
• Imbued with heartfelt prayers, honoring the Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid
• Up to 80 hours of burn time
• Dimension: 4x3 inches
• Features a bamboo lid
• Contains as much was as a 7-day candle
• Environmentally conscious packaging - please recycle ♻️ .
• Sold as a curio.

The candle glass can be reused once it has burned down as vases for holding flowers, turned into a container spell to keep on your altar, or refilled with wax to burn again. The creative magickal practitioner will find many possibilities for using the decorative glass container once the original wax has burned down.

Elevate your spiritual connection with Brigid Oil! Invoke the essence of the Celtic Triple Goddess of inspiration, passion, and creativity with our Brigid Oil. Light the way to an enhanced bond and spiritual connection. As you immerse yourself in the sacred energies of Brigid with our purposefully crafted Brigid Oil, you’ll enhance your spiritual journey by embracing the divine connection this exquisite blend offers.

Key features:
• Crafted in homage to the revered Goddess Brigid
• A transformative blend designed to deepen your connection
• Comes in a convenient 10 ml bottle for easy application
• Thoughtfully packaged in recyclable materials (please recycle ♻️)
• Sold as a curio for external use only
• Spot test before applying to objects, as oils may leave stains.
• Perform a skin test prior to using new oils
• The glass bottle is reusable, offering endless possibilities once the oil is depleted.

This enchanting kit is homage to the goddess who has transcended time. The kit serves as a conduit for seekers wishing to harness Brigid’s protective energies and seek her divine blessings. Included in this limited edition kit is the iconic Brigid Cross, a potent symbol representing the Goddess’s multifaceted aspects. Crafted with care, the cross serves as a tangible link to Brigid’s sacred essence.
Accompanying the Brigid Cross is a vail of Brigid Oil, a mystical elixir carefully curated to enhance connection with the goddess. This fragrant oil is an offering to Brigid, symbolizing the union to fire and inspiration.

The kit also provides:
• A specially chosen candle, matches, and a spell, each element meticulously chosen to facilitate a sacred ritual
• The candle, a beacon of light, signifies the illumination of one’s intentions in the presence of Brigid
• The matches, a spark of transformation, ignite the ritual with reverence
• This kit is a collector’s item, and its availability is limited

Embrace the unpredictability beauty of the Brigid Cross Spell Kit, as the color of the cross and accompanying bag can vary, adding an element of unpredictability to this sacred offering.

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With more than 35 years of dedicated practice in the craft, I have delved deep into its study and mastery, committing my life to aiding others. Leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience, I am here to guide you towards achieving your desired outcomes. Each product is personally crafted with the intention to empower you embracing the magick within.

Explore my shop for a variety of potent pieces, and if you’re seeking something specific not listed, feel free to reach out. I am more than willing to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in my offerings, and I look forward to potentially assisting you in the near future!

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