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Papa Legba Prayer Candle

Papa Legba Prayer Candle

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Papa Legba serves as the guardian of crossroads, offers his guiding hand in matter ranging from finance to healing, and protection. Embrace the essence of  reverence with the Papa Legba Prayer Candle, a harmonious blend crafted to cater to your diverse needs.

Noteworthy features of the Papa Legba Prayer Candle:

  • Individually hand-poured, ensuring a unique personal touch
  • Each candle is distinct, with coloring tailored to Papa Legba’s preference
  • Enhanced with carefully selected oils and herbs for a potent infusion
  • Imbued with a specific intention through heartfelt prayers honoring Papa Legba
  • Illuminates for up to 80 hours, casting a comforting glow.
  • Compact dimensions of  4x3 inches, adorned with a bamboo lid
  • Packed with the equivalent amount of wax found in a traditional to a 7-day candle
  • Environmentally conscious packaging that is recyclable – please recycle ♻️
  • Sold as a curio

The candle glass can be reused once it has burned down as vases for holding flowers, turned into a container spell to keep on your altar, or refilled with wax to burn again. The creative magickal practitioner will find many possibilities for using the decorative glass container once the original wax has burned down.

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