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Papa Legba Key Necklace - Small, Bronze

Papa Legba Key Necklace - Small, Bronze

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The Papa Legba Key Necklace is a symbolic and spiritual accessory that pays homage to Papa Legba, the gatekeeper and king of the crossroads in various belief systems. Papa Legba is revered as the deity who controls access to other realms, and it is believed that one must communicate with him before undertaking any significant endeavors or seeking guidance.

The key featured in the necklace represents Papa Legba's role in opening doors, closing pathways, and removing obstacles from one's life. Each small vintage-style key is bronze-plated and measures 2.5x1 inches, with a durable glass pendant approximately 22 mm. in length.The necklace is silver-plated and has a length of 24 inches.

The necklace is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is created with dedication and prayer, imbued with specific intentions to honor Papa Legba. The vintage keys are crafted and consecrated individually, making each necklace unique. The Papa Legba Key Necklace is not only a stylish accessory but also a spiritual tool that can be worn as a means of seeking assistance from Papa Legba in various aspects of life, including financial matters, healing, and protection.

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