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Oya Prayer Candle

Oya Prayer Candle

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Introducing our powerful Oya Prayer Candle, a divine homage to the Orisha of storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, war, and multifaceted feminine strength. Invoke the spirited energy of Oya to empower your journey with this meticulously crafted 7 Day Prayer Candle.

🕊️ **Feminist Warrior Energies**: Channel the fierce and empowering essence of Oya, a feminist warrior, to assist you in various aspects of life.

🛡️ **Protection and Transformation**: Immerse yourself in the protective aura of Oya, seeking transformation and renewal in the face of life's challenges.

💼 **Entrepreneurial Spirit**: Harness Oya's entrepreneurial spirit to guide and support your ventures, fostering success and prosperity.

🌿 **Infused with Oils and Herbs**: Our prayer candle is enriched with sacred oils and herbs, carefully selected to enhance the connection with Oya's divine energies.

🙏 **Prayed Over with Intention**: Each candle is individually prayed over with specific intentions, ensuring a potent and personalized connection to Oya.

⚖️ **Healing Powers**: Tap into the healing energies of Oya to find solace and strength during times of physical, emotional, or spiritual distress.

🗝️ **Power and Guidance**: Seek Oya's guidance as she becomes your beacon of strength and wisdom, navigating you through life's intricate paths.

🪔 **Extended Burn Time**: Illuminate your sacred space for up to 80 hours with this 8"x2"x2" prayer candle, allowing an enduring connection with Oya's energies.

🕯️ **White Candle May Be Substituted If The Purple Candle Is Not Available**:  we provide this substitution without compromising the potency of your connection to Oya.

Sold as a curio, this candle isn't just a purchase; enliven your spiritual journey with the Oya Prayer Candle, a harmonious blend of tradition, intention, and divine energy. Embrace the guardian of cemeteries as she guides you towards protection, transformation, and empowerment.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the recyclable packaging. Please join us in caring for the Earth by recycling the packaging after use (♻️).

Versatile Reuse: Beyond its primary purpose, the candle glass transforms into a vessel for creativity. Once the original wax has burned down, repurpose the glass as a vase for flowers, a container spell on your altar, or refill it with wax for continued use. The possibilities are endless for the creative magickal practitioner.

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