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Obi Cowrie Shell Divination Kit

Obi Cowrie Shell Divination Kit

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Introducing the Beginner's Obi Cowrie Shell Divination Kit – an intriguing and accessible way to delve into the ancient art of divination! Whether you're new to divination practices or seeking a unique addition to your collection, this set offers a captivating experience rooted in the rich traditions of the Yoruba people.

Key Features:

1. **4 Cowrie Shells for Yes/No Answers:**
- Delve into the binary symbolism of the cowrie shells for straightforward yes/no responses.
- Each shell in the set plays a pivotal role in shaping the divination patterns, offering a dynamic and nuanced approach to your queries.

2. **Variety in Pairings:**
- Explore different versions of yes and no with carefully paired shells, adding depth to your interpretations.
- The nuanced combinations enhance the divination experience, providing a unique and personalized insight into your questions.

3. **Comprehensive Kit:**
- The set includes 4 high-quality cowrie shells, ensuring consistency in size and authenticity.
- A convenient bag is provided for easy storage and transport, allowing you to engage in divination wherever you go.
- The kit also comes with a guide sheet featuring basic instructions, making it perfect for beginners or those new to cowrie shell divination.

4. **A Unique Alternative:**
- If you're familiar with tarot, runes, or similar practices, consider adding cowrie shells to your repertoire for a fresh and distinctive divination experience.
- The cultural richness and historical significance of cowrie shells bring a unique dimension to your divination sessions.

5. **Note on Variations:**
- Embrace the uniqueness of your kit as each set might have shells that are slightly smaller or larger than those shown in the photo, depending on availability.
- Rest assured that all shells within a single set match each other in size, ensuring consistency in your divination practice.
- The bag color may vary, adding an element of surprise and individuality to each kit.

Dive into the world of Obi Cowrie Shell Divination and unlock the wisdom embedded in these ancient symbols. Whether you're seeking guidance or simply curious, this kit is designed to empower your journey into the realm of divination.

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