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Mystery Brigid Home Blessing Spell Kit

Mystery Brigid Home Blessing Spell Kit

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Discover the enchanting Mystery Brigid Home Blessing Spell Kit, where the timeless power of the Celtic Triple Goddess, Brigid, weaves through every element. Embrace the journey as you receive a Triquetra adorned with a charm and the sacred Brigid oil – a surprise color and charm awaiting you in each kit.

Let the Triquetra, symbolizing the Triple Goddess Brigid, be your guide through realms of inspiration, passion, and creativity. Known by many names – Bride, St. Brigid – Brigid has transcended time, thriving as the Goddess of Fire, Metalwork, and more.

Immerse yourself in the mystery as each kit unveils a secret message from Brigid through the combination of a surprise color and charm. Decode the colors: Blue for water and healing, Black for protection and shadow work, Yellow for air and intelligence, White for protection, purity, and spirit, and Red for fire, passion, and love. Embrace the charms: Triple Goddess for Maiden, Mother, & Crone power, Goddess for divine support, Witch Hat for self-confidence, Familiar for guidance from spirits, guides, and ancestors, and Broom for Brigid's fertility blessing.

To unlock Brigid's blessing, blend the revealed color and charm, infuse with Brigid oil, light a white candle, and invite Brigid into your sacred space. Let the candle burn down completely as you place the Triquetra over your front door or altar, welcoming the radiant energy of Brigid.

The enchantment awaits – which color and charm will grace your journey?

Sold as a curio for external use only, our 10 ml bottle is a treasure trove of positive energy. Remember to spot-test before applying to object to avoid potential stains, and conduct a skin test prior to using new oils. Please note that our product is not recommend for children or pets. Thoughtfully packaged in recyclable materials (please recycle ♻️). The glass bottle is reusable, offering endless possibilities once the oil is depleted.

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