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Maman Brigitte Prayer Candle

Maman Brigitte Prayer Candle

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Introducing our exclusive Maman Brigitte Prayer Candle – a divine embodiment of strength, protection, and healing. Crafted with utmost care and devotion, each candle is a unique tribute to the Queen of the cemetery and the crossroads of the dead.

🕯️ **Hand-Poured Elegance:**
Meticulously hand-poured, each candle is a work of art, ensuring a personal touch that resonates with the powerful spirit of Maman Brigitte.

🎨 **Unique and Mysterious:**
While the color may not be an exact purple, it's designed to align with Maman Brigitte's unique taste, adding an air of mystique to your spiritual space.

🌿 **Infused with Sacred Oils and Herbs:**
Embedded with a blend of sacred oils and herbs, our candle captures the essence of Maman Brigitte's healing and protective energy, enhancing your magickal workings.

🙏 **Blessed with Intention:**
Each candle is prayed over with a specific intention, creating a direct connection to the Death Loa Maman Brigitte, amplifying its efficacy in financial matters, healing, and protection.

🔥 **Extended Burn Time:**
Illuminate your space for up to 80 hours, providing a prolonged and steady connection with Maman Brigitte's divine energy.

📏 **Ideal Size and Design:**
Measuring at 4x3 inches, the candle's compact size and bamboo lid make it a perfect addition to any altar or sacred space. It contains as much wax as a traditional 7-day candle, ensuring a lasting connection.

🌿 **Eco-Friendly Packaging:**
We care about the environment. All packaging is recyclable, aligning with the reverence for nature inherent in Maman Brigitte's spirit. Please recycle and contribute to the cycle of renewal. ♻️

Invite the powerful presence of Maman Brigitte into your spiritual journey with our thoughtfully crafted prayer candle. Embrace the protection, healing, and prosperity she offers as you enhance your magickal practices. Sold as a curio, this candle isn't just a purchase; Illuminate your path with the divine energy of Maman Brigitte – the Queen of the cemetery and the guiding force at the crossroads of the dead.


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