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Maman Brigitte Key Necklace

Maman Brigitte Key Necklace

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Introducing the Maman Brigitte Key Necklace—a stunning homage to the powerful Queen of the cemetery and wife of the death loa Baron Samedi. Embrace the fearless energy of Maman Brigitte with this unique piece that pays tribute to the dark side of the Goddess Brigit.

Crafted with intricate detail, the necklace features two vintage-style keys—available in both large and small sizes—each carrying the essence of Maman Brigitte's protection and healing energy. The silver-plated keys are not just accessories but sacred objects, dedicated and prayed upon with specific intentions to honor the enigmatic loa.

The large keys measure an impressive 3x2 inches, while the smaller counterparts are perfectly sized at 2.5x1 inches. Both keys come adorned with a resilient 22 mm. glass accent, adding an extra layer of mystique to the design. The necklace itself boasts a silver-plated chain with a generous 24 inches in length, ensuring that you can carry the divine presence of Maman Brigitte wherever you go.

Wear the Maman Brigitte Key Necklace as a symbol of reverence and connection to the spiritual realm. Whether you seek protection, healing, or guidance, this unique piece serves as a constant reminder of the Queen of the cemetery's powerful influence. Each necklace is sold as a curio, making it a truly special and sacred addition to your collection. Embrace the energy of Maman Brigitte and let her guide you through the crossroads of the dead with style and grace.

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