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Maitresse Erzulie Prayer Candle

Maitresse Erzulie Prayer Candle

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The mistress of Damballah, Ogun, and Nibo, Maitresse Erzulie is the Vodou Loa of Love, beauty, riches, and romance. She has a taste for only the finest things in life. She can be generous, but she must be treated as a queen. For if she feels she has been disrespected, she can ruin you. Ask her for her assistance in romantic and financial matters. Then Maitresse Erzulie Prayer Candle is used to start and deepen your relationship with her.

There are two variations: Fixed and Non-Fixed. Fixed comes with herbs and oils in the candle. The Prayer Candle is devoted to Ezili Freda, and comes complete with oils, herbs, and prayed over with a specific intention. A white candle may be substituted.

It can burn up to 80 hours. 8"x2"x2" inches.

All packaging is recyclable, so please recycle ♻️ . The candle glass can be reused once it has burned down as vases for holding flowers, turned into a container spell to keep on your altar, or refilled with wax to burn again. The creative magickal practitioner will find many possibilities for using the decorative glass container once the original wax has burned down.

As a practitioner of the craft for over 35 years, I have studied, mastered, and dedicated my life to helping others. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I can assist you to obtain the results you desire. I personally create each product with intention to assist you to embrace the power of your own magick.

Please visit my shop as I will be listing many powerful pieces. If you are looking for something not listed,

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