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Kwan Yin Prayer Candle

Kwan Yin Prayer Candle

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Discover the transformative power of our Kwan Yin Prayer Candle, a sacred homage to the revered Goddess of Mercy. Known for her compassionate presence and boundless wisdom, Kwan Yin manifests whenever someone is in need, serving as a guiding light for protection and healing.

Crafted with reverence and intention, each candle is fixed with a blend of herbs and oils, infused with prayers to honor the Immortal Goddess of Mercy. Simply light the candle to invite her compassionate energy into your space, experiencing up to 80 hours of spiritual illumination and blessings.

Measuring at 8"x2"x2" inches, this candle symbolizes divine grace and empowerment, ideal for those seeking solace, social justice, peace, and self-care. Sold as a curio, it serves as a sacred tool for your spiritual journey.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability shines through in our recyclable packaging. Once the candle has fulfilled its purpose, the glass container can be repurposed as a vase, altar decoration, or refilled for continued use.

Embrace the infinite possibilities of creative magic and spiritual practice with our Kwan Yin Prayer Candle, a beacon of compassion and light guiding you on your path.
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