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Hecate Prayer Candle

Hecate Prayer Candle

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Introducing our Hecate Prayer Candle – a powerful tribute to the ancient goddess of magic, Hecate. Her origins shrouded in mystery, she predates even the Titans, revered by none other than Zeus himself. As the Triple Goddess, Queen of Witches, and Guardian of the Crossroads, Hecate holds the keys to open and close doors in your life.

- **Hand-Poured and Unique:** Each candle is hand-poured, ensuring its uniqueness. The coloring, guided by Hecate's influence, may vary slightly, reflecting her enigmatic nature.

- **Magickal Infusion:** Every candle comes fixed with oils and herbs, prayed over with a specific intention to honor the Triple Goddess Hecate. Tap into her ancient wisdom and mysteries with each burn.

- **Extended Burn Time:** Illuminate your space for up to 80 hours with this 4x3-inch candle. The bamboo lid and ample wax make it equivalent to a 7-day candle, offering enduring magick.

- **Reusability:** After the candle has served its purpose, the glass container can be repurposed as a vase for flowers, a container spell for your altar, or refilled for future use. Unleash your creativity in the realm of magick.

- **Environmentally Friendly:** Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in recyclable packaging. Please recycle to contribute to the cycle of renewal.

Ignite the Hecate Prayer Candle to enhance your bond with the Triple Goddess. Use it alone or complement your magickal workings. Empower yourself, open new doors, close old chapters – the possibilities are limitless. Sold as a curio, this candle is not just a product; it's a conduit to the ancient power of Hecate. Embrace the magick! ✨🕯️

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