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Damballah & Ayida Altar on The Go

Damballah & Ayida Altar on The Go

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The Damballah and Ayida Altar On The Go is a carefully crafted spiritual companion, designed to enhance your connection with the divine energies of Damballah Wedo and Ayida Wedo. Here are the key features of this sacred altar:

  1. Portable Spirituality: Carry the essence of Damballah and Ayida wherever you go. The compact design allows you to create a sacred space wherever you are, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection.

  2. Damballah Wedo's Presence: The altar includes elements associated with Damballah Wedo, the Great White Serpent. These symbolic representations, chosen with care, capture the essence of Father Sky and the primordial creator of life.

  3. Ayida Wedo's Essence: Embrace the energy of Ayida Wedo, the Rainbow Serpent, through carefully selected items that embody her attributes. Fertility, rainbows, wind, snakes, and fire are symbolically represented, creating a harmonious balance.

  4. Thoughtful Inclusions: The kit comes complete with hearts, roses, an egg, and more, each item chosen for its significance in honoring Damballah and Ayida. These thoughtful inclusions provide a foundation for your spiritual practices.

  5. Personalization Space: An integral feature is the ample room provided for personalization. Add your unique touch to the altar by incorporating your own items, making it a reflection of your spiritual journey and connection with these powerful loas.

  6. Curio Status: The altar is sold as a curio, adding a touch of mystique to its purpose. It is a sacred object that invites exploration and reverence.

  7. Eco-Friendly Packaging: We are committed to sustainability. The altar comes in recyclable packaging, reflecting our dedication to environmental consciousness. Please remember to recycle and contribute to the cycle of sustainability.

Embrace the divine energies, create your sacred space, and let the Damballah and Ayida Altar On The Go be a conduit for spiritual exploration and connection.


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