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Moonlight Potions & Charms

Brigid Oil

Brigid Oil

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Elevate your spiritual connection with Brigid Oil! Invoke the essence of the Celtic Triple Goddess of inspiration, passion, and creativity with our Brigid Oil. Light the way to an enhanced bond and spiritual connection. As you immerse yourself in the sacred energies of Brigid with our purposefully crafted Brigid Oil, you’ll enhance your spiritual journey by embracing the divine connection this exquisite blend offers.

Key features:

  • Crafted in homage to the revered Goddess Brigid
  • A transformative blend designed to deepen your connection
  • Comes in a convenient 10 ml bottle for easy application
  • Thoughtfully packaged in recyclable materials (please recycle ♻️)
  • Sold as a curio for external use only
  • Spot test before applying to objects, as oils may leave stains.
  • Perform a skin test prior to using new oils
  • The glass bottle is reusable, offering endless possibilities once the oil is depleted.


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