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Animal Protection Prayer Candle

Animal Protection Prayer Candle

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Navigating the responsibilities of being a pet parent can be challenging, especially when we consider our beloved pets as integral members of our family. From regular veterinary visits to nourishing them and imparting essential teachings, our commitment to their well-being is unwavering. Elevate the protection for your furry companions by illuminating the Animal Protection Prayer Candle. Imbued with carefully selected herbs and oils, this candle is infused with heartfelt prayers and intention. With a burn time of up to 80 hours, its dimensions measure 8"x2"x2". Sold as a curio, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase contributes to supporting Rutherford County PAWS.

All packaging is designed for recycling, so we encourage you to recycle ♻️. After enjoying your candle, the glass can be repurposed as a flower vase, incorporated into a container spell for your altar, or refilled with wax for another round of burning. The imaginative magical practitioner will discover numerous creative ways to utilize the decorative glass container beyond its initial use.

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