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Ancestors Altar On The Go - Large Special Edition

Ancestors Altar On The Go - Large Special Edition

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Introducing the Ancestor Altar On the Go Large Special Edition for consumers seeking a connection with their Ancestors, be it by blood or choice. Our reverence for their wisdom, knowledge, and guidance in our magickal lives is paramount. We honor their sacrifices and life experiences, ensuring a dedicated space for them, even when physical space is limited.

What sets the Ancestor Altar On The Go (Large) Special Edition apart?

Experience the Complete Traveling Altar Kit: Everything you need for a sacred space is now at your fingertips. This divine ensemble includes candles, incense, altar cloth, and more, thoughtfully arranged in a mystical Day of the Dead Skull Box. Additionally, it features a special inclusion for children who have departed before their time, incorporating items like a Bible and a picture frame that previous altars may not offer.

Compact and Convenient: Whether you're a modern nomad, a military soul on the move, or a wanderlust-stricken traveler, this perfect and powerful temporary altar accompanies you wherever you go.

Extra Room for Personal Touch: Recognizing that customization is crucial to your spiritual journey, the Ancestor Altar On The Go provides double the space for you to infuse your unique energy and personal touches.

Remember, your altar is more than just a space; it's a step in your magickal journey. Embrace the Power of Your Own Magick with the Ancestor Altar On The Go Large Special Edition!


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