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Moonlight Potions & Charms

Ancestor Altar On The Go (Medium) Special Edition

Ancestor Altar On The Go (Medium) Special Edition

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We look to our Ancestors, whether of blood or chosen, for their wisdom, knowledge, advice, and guidance upon matters that affect us and our magickal lives. We revere, respect, and honor them for their sacrifice and life experience. We want to sure that we provide a space for them. Space is not always available or an option.

The Ancestor Altar On The Go provides everything you need to honor and work with your Ancestors. It is also contains enough room for you to add your own items in the cute Day of the Dead Skull Box. This Ancestor Altar On The Go contains double what the smaller one has. This is great for traveling, someone who does not have a lot of space, cannot keep a permanent altar, or needs to put up an altar quickly. This altar comes with everything in the previous altar, and more. Skull boxes come in a variety of styles.

With more than 35 years of dedicated practice in the craft, I have delved deep into its study and mastery, committing my life to aiding others. Leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience, I am here to guide you towards achieving your desired outcomes. Each product is personally crafted with the intention to empower you embracing the magick within.

Explore my shop for a variety of potent pieces, and if you’re seeking something specific not listed, feel free to reach out. I am more than willing to assist you.

Thank you for your interest in my offerings, and I look forward to potentially assisting you in the near future!

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