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Altar On The Go - The Ultimately Wicked Travel Special Edition

Altar On The Go - The Ultimately Wicked Travel Special Edition

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Introducing the Altar On The Go Ultimately Wicked Travel Special Edition – your perfect companion for those on the move or with limited space! Unleash the magic with this exclusive edition that comes packaged in a mysterious Halloween book box. Don't miss out on the ultimate portable altar experience, featuring more items than the original Altar On The Go. Act fast, as these are available for a limited time only, and once they're gone, they're gone!

What's Inside:

  • Two candles, a wand, an athame, and a pentacle
  • Miniature Book of Shadows
  • Spell and a Witch’s Card

Perfect for creating a small temporary altar, ideal for military personnel, and essential for travelers. The Halloween book boxes come in varying designs, adding an extra element of mystery. Additionally, there's room for you to personalize by adding your own items. It's compact and portable. Elevate your magical journey with the Ultimate Altar On The Go!

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