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Batty the Appalachia Witch Gnome - Nutty One

Batty the Appalachia Witch Gnome - Nutty One

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Step into the enchanting world and meet Batty, the Appalachia Witch Gnome Elder on a quest to find his perfect home! This little gnome is not your ordinary elder – he's a touch nutty, with a few screws loose, but that only adds to his charm. Batty is blessed with a wonderful sense of humor, and if you treat him right, he might just share some Appalachia magickal secrets with you.

Batty comes fully equipped with his trusty broom and cauldron, ready to bring a touch of spellbinding magic to any home that welcomes him. As a Witch Elder, he's not just a decorative piece – he's a mystical companion with the potential to infuse your space with whimsy and laughter.

In our collection, each gnome is a unique character, and Batty is no exception. With his distinctive story, personality, and decorations, he stands out as a one-of-a-kind addition to your household. Gnomes, known for bringing magickal good fortune, prosperity, joy, and happiness, are also believed to be protectors against misfortune.

Standing at 13 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 12 inches in depth, Batty is a captivating presence. However, it's important to note that our gnomes are sold as curios – intended for decoration purposes only. They are not toys but rather magickal companions that add a touch of mystery to your living space.

Consider adopting Batty today and let this Appalachia Witch Gnome Elder weave his spell on your home. Not only will he make a delightful decorative piece, but he'll also be a fascinating conversation starter, captivating friends and family with his nutty charm and whimsical aura. Embrace the magick that Batty brings – a gnome that's sure to cast a spell of joy and prosperity in your abode! 

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