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Shadow Work Reading

Shadow Work Reading

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Shadow Work is very important as it assist you to heal your traumas, uncover new abilities, live in peace, and so much more. Although one is never truly ready to face one's inner demons, we all must face and overcome them if we are to truly move on to become better people. Most people have no idea how to start their Shadow Work. A Shadow Work Reading can assist you to find a place where to start your Shadow Work, discover what is keeping you back, and potentially how to resolve it.

Using the Halloween Oracle, I will draw one cards. This card will provide information so I can assist you with your Shadow Work, how to start it, and what to pay attention to. As a spiritual worker, I want to help people, and will always tell you in what I see whether you like it or not. Remember this is a reading to help you, not me. Once the reading is done, I will provide you with a write up, photograph, and message it to you. Usually within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take me 48 hours depending on how many readings I need to do. One Oracle Card can provide more information than 3 tarot cards.

Unlike others, the only thing I ask of you is: do you have a question? If not, that's ok. If you do, please place it in the comments, and don't make it too vague as vague questions tend to get vague answers. I look forward to helping you.

There will be no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges for this order as reading are customized. No product will be shipped to you. If you have a question, please let me know, and I will address it.

I am not a licensed Physician or Psychologist. If you are struggling with mental or physical health please see a doctor for professional help or confirmation of health issues. I do not do readings on love, pregnancy or health issues, I also do not do reading to predict when a certain event will take place. All clients are responsible for their own actions they choose to make. I am not responsible or liable for any decisions that you choose to make from your reading.

Please be 18+. I am legally obligated to state that readings are for entertainment only.

As a practitioner of the craft for over 35 years, I have studied, mastered, and dedicated my life to helping others. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I can assist you to obtain the results you desire. I personally create each product with intention to assist you to embrace the power of your own magick.

Please visit my shop as I will be listing many powerful pieces. If you are looking for something not listed, please contact me as I will be more than happy to help you.

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