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Marie Laveau Prayer Candle

Marie Laveau Prayer Candle

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Introducing the Marie Laveau Prayer Candle, a tribute to the Vodou Queen of New Orleans, Madame Marie Laveau. Born ahead of her time, Marie Laveau left an indelible mark on history, elevating New Orleans and defying societal norms. Feared and revered in an era where women were considered mere property, she stood for community, lending her aid to those in need.

This prayer candle is a vessel for devotion and a conduit for making requests to Marie Laveau. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other candles and magical practices, it embodies the spirit of this legendary figure.

**Key Features:**

1. **Handmade and Unique:** Each candle is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring a one-of-a-kind creation. The coloring may not be precisely blue, but it resonates with the essence of how Marie Laveau would have appreciated it.

2. **Infused with Oils and Herbs:** Every candle comes fixed with a blend of oils and herbs, adding a touch of mystique and invoking the energy associated with Marie Laveau.

3. **Intentionally Prayed Over:** Infused with specific intentions, these candles pay homage to the Vodou Queen. The prayers imbue each candle with a sense of purpose and reverence.

4. **Long Burning Time:** Burn this candle for up to 80 hours, allowing for sustained focus on your devotion or magical workings.

5. **Size and Packaging:** Each candle measures 4x3 inches, adorned with a bamboo lid. The packaging is not only attractive but also eco-friendly—100% recyclable, so please recycle responsibly ♻️.

6. **Equivalent to a 7-Day Candle:** Despite its size, this prayer candle contains as much wax as a traditional 7-day candle, ensuring a lasting and impactful experience.

7. **Sold as a Curio:** Embrace the mystique and historical significance of Marie Laveau with the understanding that this candle is sold as a curio—an item of curiosity and reverence.

Ignite the spirit of Marie Laveau in your space, and let this prayer candle be a beacon for your intentions, connecting you with the rich tapestry of Laveau Vodou tradition.

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