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Cut & Clear Prayer Candle

Cut & Clear Prayer Candle

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The Cut & Clear Prayer Candle is a powerful tool designed to aid individual in letting go of the past and making room for positive change in their lives. This 7 day candle is infused with carefully selected herbs and oils, expertly crafted to facilitated the release of burdens associated with the end of relationships, jobs, or significant life events, its purpose is to cut away the negative energies and influences, creating space for new and better opportunities.

Ideal for those seeking a fresh start, the candle serves as a symbolic representation of the cleansing process. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of a breakup, the conclusion of a job, or any other significant life transition, the Cut & Clear Prayer Candle can be a supportive companion on your journey.

This versatile candle can be used in conjunction with other magickal workings, enhancing its effectiveness in various ritual practices. With dimensions of 8”x2”x2”, it offers an extended burn time of up to 80 hours, allowing for a sustained and focused released of negative energies.

A white candle may be substituted, and sold as a curio. Embrace the transformative power of the Cut & Clear Prayer Candle as you embark on a journey of letting go and inviting positive changes in your life.  

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