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Baron Samedi Key Necklace - Large

Baron Samedi Key Necklace - Large

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Introducing the Baron Samedi Key Necklace, a captivating tribute to the powerful loa of death and resurrection, Baron Samedi. As the husband to Maman Brigitte and the leader of the death Gede, Baron Samedi reigns as the King of the cemetery, commanding the spirits of the departed and holding the sacred keys to the realm of the dead.

This unique necklace is adorned with vintage-style keys, meticulously crafted and dedicated with profound intention to honor Baron Samedi. The keys, available in both large and small sizes, are bronze-plated, exuding an antique charm that adds to their mystique.

The large keys, measuring an impressive 3x2 inches, symbolize the dominion of Baron Samedi over the afterlife. The glass pendant, resilient and approximately 22 mm in length, captures the essence of his divine presence. Each key is thoughtfully created, dedicated through prayer, and serves as a powerful emblem of connection to the enigmatic loa.

The Baron Samedi Key Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of reverence and a conduit to the spiritual realm. Wear it proudly on the included 24-inch silver-plated necklace, allowing the energies of Baron Samedi to envelop you. Whether sought for healing or as a unique and meaningful accessory, this necklace invites you to embrace the mysteries of life, death, and resurrection.

As a curio, the Baron Samedi Key Necklace is a limited and extraordinary piece, making it a distinctive addition to your collection. Unlock the secrets of the afterlife and pay homage to the master of the dead with this beautifully crafted and spiritually charged necklace.

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